Altcoins outperforming Bitcoin

Updated: Mar 31

Greetings Fellow Crypto Enthusiasts

I recently read an article from Moneyweb, authored by freelance journalist Ciaran Ryan who has presented a view we have been missing for most of us.

Both crypto enthusiasts and the general public have been amazed by the rise of Bitcoin for quite some time and very few of us have noticed or even could conceive that there was something out there that could do even better. Yet, it is happening every day for years. For the sake of the general public taking a chance and reading this post, I am talking about alternative coins also known as altcoins. Those are coins besides the world renowned Bitcoin.

While we have recently witnessed more than a 1000% rise in Bitcoin price; would you believe it if I told you that some altcoins have been performing even better than that over the past year?

Yes? No? Impossible? No way? Hell NO!?

Well, Yes!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, look for yourself below:

The simple example of the altcoin Cardano above depicts a rise of more than 1200% over the past 12 months. Why don't we hear about such rises? The answer is quite simple: Market cap.

Bitcoin owning the lion share of the crypto market is known globally even by those who do not even understand what it is. All they know is that thing online is growing fast and making people money like crazy. :-)

What I liked about the article is also a solution to tap into these quiet achievers through a platform I posted about a while back already. The solution is called Revix.

What is Revix you ask? Here is the post as a reminder - Click Here

Essentially, Revix has created bundles and one of them contains the top 10 performing cryptocurrencies of the month and it adjusts the listing quite regularly to keep it up to date in order to maintain profit and performance.

Below are examples of those bundles compared to Bitcoin alone.

Do you find investing in the cryptocurrency market complicated? Revix can assist.

The best part is that you can invest using your bank account only and never even own a single cryptocurrency at all.

Select the bundle or bundles you are interested in and start making a profit with cryptos today.

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Full Article: "The top cryptocurrencies that blew Bitcoin away over the last year" by Ciaran Ryan

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