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Greetings fellow business-oriented individuals

During these difficult times of being inflicted by the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), we hope that you are doing well and keeping safe with all your loved ones.

JKB Consultancy is embarking on the ambitious journey of connecting our brilliant entrepreneurs with potential investors and/or funders (lenders) worldwide through our newly launched platform on the Wix App.

We understand that finding the right source of financing for your entrepreneurial venture can very often be daunting and even impossible depending on your background and location in the world.

That is why we are inviting you the entrepreneurs, the investors and funders globally to join us in promoting entrepreneurship through getting the conversation started which can then continue offline between the two interested parties.

Join our App for FREE and start telling us about yourself and how our growing global community members can assist.

We have created a General Discussions group where you can introduce yourself and get the conversation started.

As an upgraded VIP member, after being vetted, you will get access depending on your profile to:

A. The Entrepreneurship Lounge where our entrepreneurs exclusively will be able to showcase their entrepreneurial projects and/or financial needs for our investors and funders to take under consideration. We want to make it possible for people to be able to request from $1 to $ infinity (No restrictions).

B. The Investors & Funders Lounge where our precious investors and funders exclusively will be able to connect with each other.

(Secret Group - Not visible to others Members)

If this is something you would like to be part of, please join us Today and help us, help you.

"Together for a brighter future"

Thank you

Kind regards

Joseph Kulutu

Founder | Owner | CVO

Business Consultant @ JKB Consultancy




LET'S TALK: +27 (0) 78 541 0228
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