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Updated: Apr 12

Greetings fellow entrepreneurs

JKB Consultancy provides its global community of members the opportunity to post about their own business(es) in order to reach a larger audience.

What do you have to do:

  1. Sign up to become a member (FREE)

  2. Contact JKB Consultancy to share your interest in posting in our blog and be granted the writer status

  3. First post is FREE

  4. Upgrade to VIP Contributor to continue posting and updating your post(s)


  1. Global Audience

  2. Your own words/images/videos to present your business(es)

  3. No website maintenance

  4. No pressure - post when you want

  5. Hustle free


  1. ONE post a day only per user

  2. A professional display cover image / video

  3. DO NOT feature any post

  4. All guest posts need to be added to the "Third Party" category

  5. Include Tags (i.e. key words) to ease retrieval through search

  6. Update your member profile

  7. Include your contact details in the post for non members to reach you

  8. Subscribe to the blog to be kept updated

Ready to tell us about your experience with your business opportunity (ies)?

Start posting today! Sign up and contact us

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