Why You Should Use Fountain of Life!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Fountain of life is a super power antioxidant naturally formulated from the Norwegian Spruce tree from Northern Finland. This is a tree that very resilient as it grows and lives under the harshest conditions on earth. These trees produce nature’s most powerful source of lignans. It is a functional food that provides all of the nutritional needs plus more than the daily required amount that a person needs. For instance, this is a supplement that contains 25 cups of green tea, 255 cups of lettuce, 900 cups of apples plus more fruits and vegetables. All you need is one product and that product is the Fountain of Life, All that is required is 10 drops a day to preserve and protect your well being.

The benefits of this high powered antioxidant are: it is:anti - inflammatory, it protects prostate health, reduce breast cancer risk, decrease colon cancer risk, protects heart health. improves hair heath, improves metabolism, defend against dementia, controls diabetes complications, reduces hot flashes, it is antimicrobial, aids in dna protection. I can definitely attest to using this product for improved hair heath. I have only used it for 3.5 months but witnessed a lot of new hair since I first started to drink it. I also drink it when my throat is itchy. After a few minutes, my throat feels normal again. Before I learned and started using this product, whenever I had an itchy throat, I would congest a piece of candy, lozenge, or drink something. That method didn't always work and if it did work, it took awhile for mu throat to feel comfortable again.

There has been research done on the Norwegian Spruce and researchers found that it contained a high level of phytonutrient lignans that did not exist in any other foods from nature. Fountain of Life is recognized by many food and drug administrations as a food product, and in Canada, it given a National Product Number by the government of Canada. It fights free radicals and is nontoxic. There has been many customers that experienced excellent improvements in their health from drinking it. If you have access to Facebook, please check https://www.facebook.com/groups/folone/ to read and hear about the various testimonials for people are giving for this excellent product. Please check my webpage for more information about the product - https://fol.one/emar/

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